Friday, 6 May 2011

Art book

Well, if you've bought a book already, or are about to, this is what you'll receive inside your copy.
Apart from every copy being signed, each book will have an original inked panel from a published Marvel comic book page.
The Marvel comics that i'm taking the art from are ' Age of X - Spiderman' ' Age of X - Alpha ' 'X-Men: Legacy' ' X-Factor' 'Dark X-Men' and last but not least ' New Mutants '

It'll be a lottery which panel goes into each book.......i'll make sure they're cool panels......if i'm not convinced, i'll slip in 2 panels........can't play fairer than that, i'm sure you'll agree :)

£10 for a glossy A4 28 paged book of my best art, and an original inked panel from a Marvel extra postage............bargain! :)

Here is a link to see a video of the book so you can see it's quality